Terms & Conditions

Participation at the AVPN annual conference is either through membership with the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), by invitation from AVPN or through membership with the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA).

  1. 4th June 2018 (Members Day) is open to AVPN members and invited guests only. The main conference programme is between 5-7th June 2018.
  2. AVPN members (Members)
    • Members in good standing are entitled to 2 free tickets, to be claimed by 31st March 2018 by writing to conference2018@avpn.asia. They will receive an email confirmation from Eventbrite within 3 days. After this date, the tickets will be subject to availability. Member tickets are restricted to board members and employees of the member organisation.
    • New members who join AVPN before 4th June 2018 will be entitled to 2 free tickets, subject to availability.
    • Members can cancel their free member tickets by 4th April 2018 without penalty. Cancellation or no-show by free member ticket holders after 4th April 2018 will incur a penalty of USD800 (equivalent to Early Bird ticket price).
    • Members in good standing can purchase additional tickets at USD800 per ticket, subject to availability.
  3. Invitation from AVPN (AVPN Guests)
    • Non-AVPN members can register their interest in participating in the conference by writing to conference2018@avpn.asia. AVPN will invite selected persons as AVPN Guests to the conference
    • * Early bird tickets are available for purchase by AVPN Guests at USD800 each from 8th January โ€“ 20th March 2018, subject to availability.
    • Standard tickets are available for purchase by AVPN Guests at USD1200 each from 20th March โ€“ 4th June 2018, subject to availability.
  4. EVPA Members
    • EVPA Members can purchase tickets at USD800 for the entire sale period, subject to availability.
  5. All ticket purchases โ€“ are subject to a maximum of 5 tickets per organisation, unless with the prior approval of AVPN (please contact us if you are interested in more tickets).
  6. Ticket cancellations made by 4th May 2018 will be refunded at 80% of the ticket price paid. There will be no refunds after this deadline.
  7. Delegate tickets are non-transferable without prior approval in writing from AVPN. AVPN Member free tickets are only transferable to people within the member organisation and should be cancelled if not used to avoid the no-show fee of USD800.
  8. AVPN will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by delegates, including travelling and accommodation expenses that are made in relation to the event.
  9. Should AVPN cancel the conference, we will refund the full ticket price paid, but will have no liability for any related costs incurred by delegates.
  10. The AVPN conference is subject to a general no fundraising policy at the venue: (i) no direct or persistent soliciting of funding from delegates and (ii) no distribution of pitch books, flyers or other direct solicitation materials.

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