Roundtable: Unlocking Social impact investing in Asia Pacific (sign up required)

Event Details
  • June 7th, Thursday, 9:00am - 1:00pm
  • Breakout Room 330
Karen Wilson

Karen Wilson

Finance for Sustainable Development, DCD OECD

Read session notes here.

Session Description

The OECD has embarked on a Social Impact Investing (SII) initiative and broader work on Private Finance for Sustainable Development. Karen Wilson, Finance for Sustainable Development, DCD, OECD will be hosting a Roundtable that invites select AVPN delegates representing all sectors to convene a diverse group of important stakeholders for the social impact investment ecosystem in Asia.

Participants are invited to:

  • Explore the SII market developments in Asia and the role of public/private sector
  • Gain insights will come from a more in-depth look at the social impact investing models and financing tools applied in Asia Pactific
  • Offer recommendations to further unlock social impact investing

This is a unique opportunity to provide constructive ideas on how social impact investing ecosystems in your markets can be established or strengthened, we invite you to share your views with the OECD and be part of this global initiative.

This half-day workshop is hosted by OECD and will be open to policymakers, funders, and providers on a sign-up basis only. There are only limited seats for this Roundtable to ensure productive and in-depth discussion, delegates interested to participate should email to reserve a seat.




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