Universities – Shaping the Next Generation

Event Details
  • June 6th, Wednesday, 11:30am - 1:00pm
  • Breakout Room 330

Marie Rosencrantz

Adjunct Associate Professor Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

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Session Description

Social entrepreneurship, venture philanthropy, impact investing, corporate social responsibility, social innovation, and related public policy topics are emerging as important focus areas for universities. New institutions and training programs have also been set up specifically to train professional managers for the development sector. Universities and dedicated higher education institutions develop and share insights into these dynamic fields with students, career switchers and professionals. This session explores how universities help shape the next generation of change makers. It will seek to shed light on how partnerships between universities and other stakeholders can contribute to social impact and open up for discussion regarding further opportunities to expand real engagement possibilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of different programs offered by universities: How can we provide concrete opportunities to students, career switchers and professionals who wish to make a difference, and best equip them to achieve real impact?
  • How are civil society, policy makers, the eco-system supporting social purpose organizations including venture philanthropists, and other stakeholders engaged as partners.
  • Can these collaborations be fostered further and are there new ways of collaborating? How can universities open the doors to additional, real-life possibilities involving different stakeholders to maximize impact?


  • Jonathan Chang

    Jonathan Chang

    Executive Director Lien Centre for Social Innovation

  • Jasjit Singh

    Jasjit Singh

    Associate Professor of Strategy, Academic Director INSEAD

  • Ravi Sreedharan

    Ravi Sreedharan

    Founder Indian School of Development Management (ISDM)

  • Elsie Tsui

    Project Director, Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge Center for Entrepreneurship CUHK Business School

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