Innovative Partnerships to Address Hunger Solutions

Event Details
  • June 5th, Tuesday, 2:30pm - 4:00pm
  • Breakout Room 330
Aarti Mohan

Aarti Mohan

Co-Founder and Head, Research Sattva Media and Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

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Session Description

This session will take a deep dive into just one of the myriad of challenges discussed in the morning breakout, morning hunger.  It will examine what innovative solutions are being fostered and nurtured to address the issue.  It will look at the power of partnerships – corporate, philanthropic, research, government – to direct their financial and non-financial resources to deliver measurable, tangible contributions to address hunger focusing on getting breakfast to more people globally so that, at the very least, no child should go to school hungry.  This workshop will examine case studies that illustrate successful approaches to solving this problem, one of the many in the nutrition sector, but that can offer transferable and scalable solutions to the other issues, like stunting and malnutrition that others are tackling.  It looks to teach people how to ‘fish’ vs ‘giving them the fish’, thus providing sustainable and long-term solutions.

Some examples to consider:

  • partnering to solve hunger – (Global Food Banking Network representative),
  • building sustainable change – (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • building a social enterprise around providing nutritious, affordable breakfast to the bottom of the pyramid sector (the Breakfast Revolution)
  • providing breakfast as part of the first 1,000 days (Save the Children)
  • providing breakfast as part of an education program (Khon Thai Foundation)
  • partnering with corporates around nutrition initiatives that leverage their social impact (TINI)


  • Illustrate benefits of breakfast to children with a focus on educational outcomes to lead to generational change
  • Demonstrate the critical role partnerships play in delivering results through case studies
  • Focus on initiatives that will drive sustainable behaviour change for communities, beyond food or fund donations
  • Showcase Kellogg’s leadership in the fight to solve hunger by focusing on increasing access to breakfast to children globally

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a movement for change – mobilising interested organisations / individuals and brainstorming potential action areas
  • Bring together like minded partners to identify, develop and fund (through financial and non-financial resources) an innovative and sustainable program/s to solve morning hunger so that no child starts the day without breakfast/goes hunger through the morning.

To read more about Partnerships & Sustainable Innovations in Solving Hunger, read the blog post by Kellogg’s.


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