Innovative Financing in Gender

Event Details
  • June 4th, Monday, 11:30am - 1:00pm
  • Breakout Room 335

David Katz

Director, Asia Public Affairs KKR Singapore Pte Ltd

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Session Description

Organizations seeking the most effective way to maximize social impact in gender have led to the development of different forms of innovative financing. The breakout session will highlight the innovations that are being seen across the Asia-Pacific region to support the more rapid inclusion of women into the economy, to leverage their economic power and to boost growth through purchasing parity and equality in this sector.  This session will draw on perspectives from different actors to discuss what different funding models look like, what approaches are being used to jointly solve complex problems in gender and how the joint efforts can add value to gender lens investing.

Key Takeaways:

  • What are some of the financing innovations being implemented in Asia to support a more gender equitable society?
  • Share experiences on how the social investing can work together and more strategically to unlock new sources of financing, deal pipelines, and learning
  • Present examples from across the social investment spectrum, from collective funders, to investing frameworks, impact investing and Development Impact Bonds

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