Financing Multi-Sector Development Partnerships in Asia

Event Details
  • June 5th, Tuesday, 11:30am - 1:00pm
  • Breakout Room 324
Karen Wilson

Karen Wilson

Finance for Sustainable Development, DCD OECD

Session Description

Traditional development funding from developed nations and one-way “north-south” financing had largely consisted of grants and commercially structured infrastructure loans. With the shifting dynamics on the global political stage, more opportunities for cross-sector partnerships in funding and implementation are inspiring innovative instruments in the ecosystem, like development impact bonds, evidence based funding, sukuk development bonds, among others. Multisector partnership opportunities for development have been rapidly evolving to adapt to evermore complex issues to address.

This session will explore how corporates, development and aid organisations, foundations and impact investors are adopting new funding models to create more impactful partnerships. It will also explore the emergent opportunities for the Asian development funder and where Asia can leapfrog traditional approaches to deploy development capital in innovative ways.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how development partnership models have evolved to address complex issues and how the partners are responding to shifting global dynamics
  • Learn about innovative ways that development partnerships are now mobilising cross-sector resources and capital for better outcomes
  • Know the strategic opportunities for innovation for the emerging Asian development funder


  • Michael Monteleone

    Michael Monteleone

    Senior Private Sector Advisor for Asia USAID

  • Jonathan Wong

    Chief of Technology and Innovation

  • Jason Yip

    Jason Yip

    Regional Head of Market, Government Affairs and Donor Relations Division International Committee of the Red Cross (CN)

  • Niraj Shah

    Niraj Shah

    Head - Private Sector Window, GAFSP International Finance Corporation

  • Priya Powell

    Priya Powell

    Director, Development Finance Section Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

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