Tackling Climate Change in Asia

Event Details
  • June 4th, Monday, 11:30am - 1:00pm
  • Breakout Room 324
Maria Athena Ballesteros

Maria Athena Ballesteros

Asia Finance Advisor Growald Family Fund, Inc

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Session Description

Climate change presents a serious threat to Asia’s economy, its people and ecosystems. Solutions exist to help transform Asian economies into a low carbon future but they need to be deployed at an unprecedented pace and scale if we are to keep emissions way below dangerous levels. This session will focus on how philanthropy and social investors can play a role in accelerating climate action in the energy and other relevant sectors in Asia as well as include cross-cutting environmental threats of air and water pollution. Representatives of philanthropic organizations will share their experiences in terms of grant-making on climate-related activities. Impact investors will then share their learning and challenges faced in looking for scalable business solutions for climate change.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of philanthropy and climate change globally and then more specifically in Asia including challenges, big success stories and opportunities
  • Grant-making for climate action and solutions – building public mandate and political support and developing understanding of effective responses and solutions
  • Case studies on lessons learnt and ideas on how to forge more collaboration opportunities


  • Sian Ferguson

    Sian Ferguson

    Trust Executive Ashden

  • Bill Weil

    Bill Weil

    Sustainable Finance Specialist Tempest Advisors

  • Zhang Ruiying

    Zhang Ruiying

    Executive Director China Foundation Center

  • Guy Henley

    Guy Henley

    Analyst, Climate Change Children's Investment Fund Foundation

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