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  • TEMU


    Increases employment opportunities for Indonesia’s urban poor through a mobile and web app that connects them to a low-skills job marketplace.

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  • DoctHers

    Beyond Borders

    Uses a digital health platform to reintegrate female healthcare providers (HCPs) who have been excluded from the health workforce in South Asia.

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  • Me.reka Makerspace

    Me.reka Makerspace’s Equity Crowdfunding

    Breaking the Cycle of Poverty by leapfrogging disadvantaged youths in Asia into the 21st century economy through holistic education programs.

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  • Imagtor

    Support for People with Disabilities

    Helps People with Disabilities (PwDs) have a successful career through equipping them with employable skill sets and providing an empowering work environment.

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  • LAWE

    LAWE Creative Space: AYA Special Program

    Establishes a creative space for training and entrepreneurship development of diffable* children in the traditional handicraft industry in Indonesia.

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    Dignity Kitchen

    Dignity Kitchen is Singapore’s first hawker training school that equips disabled and disadvantaged people with culinary skills to be employed in the the food industry.

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  • Swasth Foundation

    Primary Care Center for Urban Poor

    Operates a network of low cost quality and comprehensive healthcare services to the urban poor in India.

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  • Jaga-Me

    Patient Homecare Accessibility

    Provides a digital healthcare platform that enables easy access to quality healthcare from the patient home through a global community of care network.

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  • Pillpresso

    Improve Medication Adherence Among the Vulnerable Elderly

    Improves medication adherence and health outcomes for the elderly through an affordable, user-friendly technology that will also alleviate the burden of medication management for home nurses.

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  • Ko Shwe

    Targeted Oral Care Solutions for Betel Chewers

    Launches the world’s first customized and affordable oral healthcare products for low-income betel addicts in Myanmar and across Asia.

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    Roots of Health

    Clinical Reproductive Health Service Delivery

    Supports women and young people through providing comprehensive contraceptive counseling and free high quality clinical services to address high rates of Teen Pregnancy and HIV in the Philippines.

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  • Khushi Baby

    Khushi Baby

    Created an inexpensive wearable digital necklace with cloud computing tracking technology for maternal and child health at the last mile in India.

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  • One Sky

    Model for Children of Factory Workers

    Aims to reach the children of factory workers in Vietnam’s industrial zones by strengthening early childhood care through the first Early Learning and Training Center in the country.

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  • Semacare

    Heart Failure and Stroke Prevention

    Developed a remote diagnostic technology for early detection of cardiovascular diseases.

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  • Barakat Bundle

    Life-Saving Bundle for Mothers & Newborns

    Works to reduce preventable infant and maternal mortality in South Asia by delivering life-saving care and education bundles to mothers and newborns in need.

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  • Alina Vision

    Alina Vision Vietnam (AV-V)

    Addresses preventable blindness by delivering affordable, high-quality eye care in the Red River Delta, Vietnam. AV-V will establish a secondary ophthalmic hospital as a social enterprise.

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