This project was initiated by: TEMU (PT TEMU Sejahtera Visi Utama)

TEMU (PT TEMU Sejahtera Visi Utama) is a social enterprise with a mission to break the cycle of poverty, especially in the urban slum, by providing access to opportunities such as jobs. Our focus are urban poverty and unemployment.

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Project Summary

Increases employment opportunities for Indonesia's urban poor through a mobile and web app that connects them to a low-skills job marketplace.


There are 189 million urban poor in Asia (69% of the world’s). 11 million in Indonesia. Most struggle to find jobs due to limited access to employment opportunities. Despite poverty, they have been equipped with skills which should be able to connect them to low-skill jobs. Interestingly, 90% of workforce in Indonesia (110 million) are low-skilled workers. Proving: high demand of low-skilled workers in Indonesia, especially under the current government’s development plan, creating millions of low-skill job opportunities. Job Providers face difficulties: high-staff turnover rate and in finding staff upon immediate needs of low-skilled workers. Leading: loss of business opportunities and high HRM expense. Despite high supply and demand of low-skilled workers, the problem apparently: gap of information and communication between the Job Seekers and Job Providers. The lack of data on urban poor employability and ineffective communication method result t0 job match-making issue.


TEMU is a low-skill jobs marketplace in form of mobile and web application. A platform collecting data of Job Seekers and Job Providers to act as the intermediary. It coordinates and synthesizes data, matching the right skills with the best job opportunities. It provides free access to the urban poor seeking for job opportunities and increasing their chances of landing jobs that offer 3-5x higher income than current earnings. Further, it decreases Job Provider’s high-staff turnover rate and providing certainty for immediate needs of staff thus saving cost and increasing Job Providers business revenue. Additionally, TEMU allows location based recruitment, benefiting Job Seekers (financially) and Job Providers (minimizing staff turn-over). TEMU is developed based on insights from months of field research in Jakarta slums and cooperation with the private sectors and the government. Making our UIUX, job search and placement process effective and efficient.


We are seeking USD 450,000 in grant/equity for the period of 1 year. Our focus is to increase numbers of users (i.e. Job Providers posting job-ads and using recruitment service (headhunting), and total of Job Seekers registered in the application). With this TEMU will generate USD 150,000 (revenue). Funds allocation:
  • Business operational (including employees’ wages) - 50%
  • Product development - 30%
  • Marketing activity - 20%
Our 1 year target: - Job Seekers: 120,000 - Job Providers: 9,766 - Job Match (Paying Customer): 4,947 - Area: Job listing from all over Indonesia, with headhunting service in Jakarta. - Product development: MVP Android App for Job Seekers and Agent, matchmaking engine, MVP web App for Job Provider. - Agents: Whole Jakarta

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