This project was initiated by: Semacare

Semacare’s vision is to serve mankind through healthcare. We do this through distributing and developing medical technologies that prevent, diagnose and treat medical conditions. Semacare measures our impact through the patient populations that our medical partners work with. For example, the Baker IDI is using our remon technology with over 600 at risk heart patients. We are working closely with them through a cloud based database on measuring the number of patients treated, as well as atrial fibrillation and other cases prevented using the technology.

Semacare has been endorsed by:

Heart Failure and Stroke Prevention

Project Summary

Develops a remote diagnostic technology for early detection of cardiovascular diseases to prevent and treat medical conditions globally.


Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally, taking the lives of 16 million people in 2017. It is growing rapidly, and disproportionately impacts lower income communities.


Semacare has developed a Heart Failure and Stroke Prevention Program with, the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, one of Australia's leading heart research institutes. The program involves using the Semacare remote diagnostic technology to screen people in the community for their ECGs. They are then monitored remotely from the hospital. When we detect conditions such as Atrial Fibrillation, patients are then provided with medicines to treat these. This is a significant improvement over current protocols, where patients are often undiagnosed till they develop structural heart disease or stroke.


We are seeking USD10,000,000 equity to be used for the following activities:
  • Building out our Artificial Intelligence Platform
  • Taking our E-skin technology through FDA Approval
  • Rollout with hospital groups in the United States, India, China and Australia

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