This project was initiated by: Roots of Health (ROH)

Roots of Health, established in 2009, increases awareness of and access to family planning information and reproductive health services, including contraceptives. It currently supports tens of thousands of women and girls with contraceptive and healthy pregnancy services, as well as basic sex education, which is lacking in Palawan's high schools and colleges. The organization also trains Youth Advocates who educate peers on reproductive health and provide referrals for reproductive health services and HIV testing. These advocates help ensure the sustainability of programmes. In 2019 the organization taught over 20,000 youth bringing the total number of young people taught in Palawan to over 85,000. In 2019 ROH also met the contraceptive needs of nearly 17,000 women and girls.

Roots of Health (ROH) has been endorsed by:

Clinical Reproductive Health Service Delivery

Project Summary

Supports women and young people through providing comprehensive contraceptive counseling and free high quality clinical services to address high rates of Teen Pregnancy and HIV in the Philippines.


The high unmet need for reproductive health services is unprecedented in Palawan. To respond to these needs, Roots of Health provides comprehensive, rights-based and free services to more than 16,000 women, girls and adolescents annually. Our nursing and midwife team provides family planning counseling, contraceptives, prenatal check-ups, and pap smears in our clinics in Puerto Princesa City, and also in the 3 communities we visit on a weekly basis. When funding is available, we also travel to far-flung parts of the province to provide services and information to the most isolated populations in the country.


Contraceptive Acceptors Program Clients select their preferred method of contraception after receiving contraceptive counseling from our nurse. Once clients decide which form they want, we provide it for free, and we’ll also remove it when she decides she is ready to get pregnant or is experiencing unwanted side-effects. Healthy Pregnancy Program Ensures that women in Puerto Princesa can access high-quality, comprehensive prenatal, birthing, and antenatal care in order to have the best pregnancy outcomes possible. Contraceptive Mission Trips Our clinical team conducts trips to isolated communities, so more women and adolescents have access to the services and information they need. The trips focus on contraceptive counseling and service provision and training local health care providers.


We are seeking USD80,000 grant to be used for:
  • Salaries of Roots of Health Nurses and Midwives
  • Transportation and Accommodation for Missions Team when they travel throughout the province for Contraceptive Missions
  • Contraceptives support
  • Management Support
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Communication expenses (phone and internet)

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