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Pillpresso’s mission is to improve medication adherence and enable proactive healthcare in the community. We are developing a personal, home-based medication device targeting the vulnerable elderly who live alone. By training patients to manage their medicines independently using our device and improving their adherence, it reduces re-hospitalization rates and eases the burden on home nurses.

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Improve Medication Adherence Among the Vulnerable Elderly

Project Summary

Improves medication adherence and health outcomes for the elderly through an affordable, user-friendly technology that will also alleviate the burden of medication management for home nurses.


1. The elderly are prone to forgetting to take their medicines because of cognitive decline and complicated medication regimens due to multiple co-morbidities. When their medication adherence becomes poor, there is little that is done until they are re-admitted to the hospital. 2. There is no way of tracking if the elderly have been taking their medicine, even though taking medications rightly is considered to be essential for treating chronic illnesses. 3. For the home nurses who visit the elderly, sorting medicine is tedious and error-prone especially if their patients have complex regimens. 4. Skilled nurses are deployed just to sort medicine, when they can do higher-value work instead (e.g. direct nursing care and psycho-social support). Yet there is a shortage of skilled home nurses in Singapore and globally to meet current and future demand for home visits.


Pillpresso is an "internet of things" or IoT-enabled medication assistive device that aims to ease medication sorting for the elderly and their caregivers. Its core features are:
  1. Automate medicine sorting
  2. Remind patients when it’s time to take medicine
  3. Monitor medication adherence in real-time
  4. Allow doctors/nurses to adjust the medication dosage remotely- especially for unstable patients (e.g. those with uncontrolled hypertension, on transitional care)
Besides the hardware device, our team is developing a mobile app and an e-health software platform meant for use by healthcare institutions.


We are seeking USD500,000 in grant/equity to be used for the following purposes:
  1. Manpower costs (software engineer and electrical engineer)
  2. Develop enterprise architecture that meets privacy and security standards in healthcare (e.g. e-health platform for doctors and nurses' use, and a multi-user mobile app)
Why this is important:
  1. Work on improving our hardware and software capabilities further. Examples are:
    • Develop e-health platform for institutional use by community healthcare providers so that they can use among a large pool of patients
    • Work with IHIS to integrate medication records from Health Hub to our system
    • Product and firmware enhancement
  2. Provide support to our device when it is rolled out among real patients and healthcare institutions.

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