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OneSky believes in the vast potential hidden in our world's most vulnerable young children. We develop low-cost, replicable early childhood interventions to benefit young children at risk. We train and mentor communities as they take our models to scale, enabling those children most in need to have a chance for a brighter future. Registered as a global NGO in the US, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam, we bring 20 years of experience achieving sustainable impact by developing transformative early childhood education and care programs in resource-limited settings and then help our partners build their own capacity.

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Model for Children of Factory Workers

Project Summary

Aims to reach the children of factory workers in Vietnam’s industrial zones by strengthening early childhood care through the first Early Learning and Training Center in the country.


Although Vietnam has passed progressive maternity leave policies and is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the 1.2 million children of factory workers living in the country’s industrial zones are at great risk. There is no public childcare for children under three. For children ages 3-6, public kindergarten is usually out of reach due to prohibitive costs, overcrowding, or migrant ineligibility status. Young children are frequently left in substandard care while their parents labor long hours. As many as 50 children may be looked after by just 1or 2 adults for 15+ hours a day in unlicensed home daycare facilities. Home daycare providers receive no formal training and there is little, if any, government oversight to help safeguard the children. Over 4,000 cases of abuse, and sometimes death, are reported each year in daycare centers in or near Vietnam’s nearly 300+ industrial zones.


The OneSky Early Learning and Training Center (ELC) in the Hoa Khanh industrial zone in Da Nang, Vietnam is the first center of its kind – a collaboration with Vietnam’s Department of Education and Training, designed to provide early childhood care and education to children of factory workers, most of whom are internal migrants. The ELC will serve an estimated 250 children a year and a local staff of 55 including teachers, trainers, and administrators. The ELC also provides home-based daycare provider training, parenting classes, and online learning opportunities to help reach the 10,000+ children, under the age of 7, of factory workers from the Hoa Khan industrial zone. The Vietnamese government invited OneSky into this partnership and have committed themselves publicly to scaling the ELC to Vietnam’s burgeoning industrial zones by replicating the model.


We are seeking USD100,000 grant to fund our four main activites: 1. Deliver daily infant/toddler and preschool programs at the ELC, 6am – 8pm, Monday through Saturday for 250 children and led by 55 teachers. 2. Conduct training sessions in child development best practices for an estimated 120-150 home based daycare providers and parents (number TBD) across the Hoa Khan Industrial zone. 3. Create OneBigFamily Vietnam for use by daycare providers across the Hoa Khan industrial zone from 2018 – 2020 by creating the website and recruiting/hiring a local online learning manager. 4. Identify and prepare child development trainers that will ultimately train and mentor care providers across Vietnam.

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