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Jaga-Me ( is an award-winning digital healthcare platform that bridges a patient’s transition from hospital to home. Our mission is to enable access to quality healthcare at home, through a global community care network.

Jaga-Me’s digital platform matches people who need care with clinical care resources in the community. Through our web and mobile app platform, Jaga-Me facilitates the delivery of healthcare services, health information, and medical goods - so as to enable a safe and seamless transition home.

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Enable Access to Healthcare at Home

Project Summary

An award-winning digital healthcare platform that enables access to quality healthcare from hospital to home, through a global community care network.


Healthcare spending is growing rapidly. E.g. the Singapore government has doubled from S$4 billion in 2010, to S$10 billion in 2017. About 80% of this spend is from people above age 65. Jaga-Me aims to use technology to meet these growing needs in a scalable, responsive, and cost-effective way. Furthermore, a person's healthcare journey is complex and can often be difficult to navigate, particularly after leaving the hospital. Communicating and coordinating across multiple stakeholders in the care continuum is challenging, and that results in gaps in a person's care after discharge.


The Jaga-Me app is a one-stop companion for family caregivers and care recipients to request help from a nearby nurse or doctor, as well as have the required medical goods delivered to their home in order to have a safe and seamless discharge. Our technology platform matches licensed nurses and trained caregivers to the nearest care seeker, reducing the response time and the cost of care (by 30% vs traditional models), while creating healthcare jobs and growing the total pool of nursing talent that is available to serve in community care. Picture this: you are a patient about to be discharged after being warded for a knee operation. However, your next-of-kin is out of town for work, and unavailable to support your transition home. All you need to do is use the Jaga-Me app to request a nurse to help support the discharge and escort you home. In the same app, you order a few dressing products, which are delivered to your doorstep just before the dressing is due for changing.


We are seeking USD2,000,000 grant/equity/debt to be used for the following purposes: $750,000 - to develop new healthcare verticals, such as home physiotherapy, occupational therapy, as well as pediatric nursing - which will help new beneficiaries, such as persons with disabilities, or infants with congenital disorders $500,000 - to invest in developing our digital infrastructure, including our app and web portal to manage the delivery of care in a robust and secure manner $750,000 - to scale the Jaga-Me model of care overseas into other cities in South East Asia, in collaboration with local partners (NGO or private).

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