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doctHERs is a novel, healthcare platform that connects female doctHERs to millions of underserved patients in real-time while leveraging technology. doctHERs circumvents socio-cultural barriers that restrict women professionals to their homes, while correcting two market failures: access to quality healthcare and workforce inclusion for women. doctHERs links to urban/rural patients with the help of paramedics equipped with mobile and internet enabled technologies/HD video-conferencing. Trained, trusted community-based nurses, health workers (CHWs) and midwives (CMWs) assist remotely located doctHERs in physically evaluating patients at ‘point-of-care’ using diagnostic tools. doctHERs can optionally leverage mobile banking technology to provide a cashless, digital co-payment solution to collect all user service fees.

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Project Summary

Uses a digital health platform to reintegrate female healthcare providers (HCPs) who have been excluded from the health workforce in South Asia.


The exclusion of women in the workforce in both developing countries and mature markets has resulted in not only a massive loss of human potential but also loss of human life - especially in countries (including the US) where millions of people continue to lack access to quality, affordable healthcare. In Pakistan, the good news is that 60% of medical school graduates are women. The bad news is that 3 out every 4 of these graduates are not participating in the workforce - largely due to sociocultural barriers that prevent them from achieving their professional aspirations with their family responsibilities.


Lower-middle income frontline health workers (community health promoters, nurses and midwives) are recruited, trained and equipped with technology - hardware, software and wifi/broadband connectivity. They are then deployed in corporate offices, factories, retail clinics and ambulances where they are able to connect health consumers (especially female workers who otherwise have highly restricted access to women's health) to remotely located female doctors. These trusted intermediaries are trained to conduct sophisticated diagnostic and interventional procedures under the supervision and guidance of a remotely located (home-based) female doctor. Also significant portion of our target customers (workers in corporate value chains) are currently financially excluded (unbanked) and also lack access to social protection mechanisms such as (micro)insurance. doctHERs helps to facilitate access to these services/benefits in collaboration with its corporate partners.


We are seeking USD750,000 grant/equity to be used for the following purposes:
  • Expand and capacitate healthcare provider delivery network
  • Expand enrollment/customer service of beneficiaries

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