This project was initiated by: Alina Vision

Alina Vision addresses the leading causes of blindness by delivering sustainable eye care for clients of all income groups with world-class quality. We actively reach out to serve those excluded from mainstream healthcare systems, particularly low-income individuals and women. We seek to significantly increase the growth rate of the Affordable Eye Care sector globally by expanding eye care services in underserved communities, identifying challenges inhibiting industry growth and developing sustainable solutions using our networks and partnerships with healthcare providers and funders.

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Alina Vision India (AV-I)

Project Summary

Addresses preventable blindness in Uttar Pradesh, India through the establishment of an affordable and high-quality eye care hospital as a social enterprise.


Millions of people are blind or visually impaired and recent projections show this rising dramatically through 2050, with 80% of blindness being quick and easy to treat. 90% of the blind live in emerging countries, and cannot access eye care because of inefficient traditional eye care models, insufficient and underutilized eye care infrastructure, high price points, and low quality care for low income populations.


AV-I will establish a secondary ophthalmic hospital as a for-profit social enterprise, replicating a proven model pioneered by Aravind Eye Care in India. The model is focused on providing a high volume of services at a low cost.
  • It treats a very high volume of patients across all income groups (with a special emphasis on treating the elderly, women and children), enabling tiered prices so that it is affordable or even free to those who cannot afford service, with upper income patients paying market rates;
  • It ensures low average cost as fixed assets and fixed expenses are fully utilized.
  • The systems put in place to enable this results in extremely high quality - key to attract patients.
  • The profit margin generated enables internal cross-subsidization and self-sufficiency.
The Alina Vision parent company is providing financing, governance and operational support to start up the hospital, led by local medical professionals. AV also provides training for medical and non-medical staff, creating sustainable skilled employment.


We are seeking USD3,000,000 equity Series B for Alina Vision, primarily to cover hard start-up capital expenditures:
  • Building renovation, or land purchase and construction
  • Medical equipment
  • Systems implementation
  • Year 1 operating expenses
We are also seeking USD200,000 grant to cover the cost of training the first class of ophthalmic nurses.

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