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Deal Share – Bridging Social Investment

The AVPN Deal Share Live sessions build upon the online activities of deals featured on the Deal Share Platform. It highlights interesting and successful projects in Asia that are supported by our members to the wider community at AVPN Conference 2018, as well as at curated events in different cities throughout the year.

Besides Deal Share Live @ Conference 2018 in Singapore, we will plan for Deal Share Live related sessions in Jakarta, Mumbai, YangonHong Kong and other cities. For members who are interested to work with us, please contact the team at dealshare@avpn.asia.

These sessions are opportunities to hear directly from the Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs), to understand how they work with resource providers and to enable collaboration among resource providers and SPOs.

Deal Share Live @ Conference 2018
There are four Deal Share components at the conference, namely World Café, Pitching, Breakout Discussions and Mentorship.

Deal Share World Café

Picture: https://www.slideshare.net/gerardsylvester/the-world-cafe-15240532
  • Discussion topics around Fostering Healthcare & Livelihood Solutions and Advancing Innovative Creative Economies.
  • Sharing of insights with industry experts, funders, intermediaries and policy makers
  • 16 SPOs will represent different markets, level of maturity and a mix between for-profit and non-profit organisations
  • In the World Café sessions, there will be three rounds of discussions. Delegates will rotate while a SPO will anchor the conversation at each table.
  • Join the conversations on Day 1, 5 June 2018, 11.30am to 1pm.
Deal Share Elevator Pitch Three SPOs from the World Café will be given a chance to present an elevator pitch at 4.45pm on Day 2, 6 June 2018.
Breakout Discussions There will also be opportunities to participate in dedicated breakout sessions involving conversations around engaging with policy makers and scaling SPOs. Please stay tuned.
Deal Share Mentorship A pre-conference mentorship will be facilitated to pair SPOs with members and partners in our network.

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