Zainab Ibrahim

About Zainab Ibrahim
  • Consultant, CARE International (TH)

Zainab Ibrahim is a researcher and practitioner in the field of social development in Sri Lanka. Her work has included research, documentation and implementation for projects dealing with women's rights and prevention of Gender-Based Violence, as well as documentation of religious violence and related conflict in Sri Lanka. Most recently she has worked on issues and challenges for Sri Lanka's post-war transition, including work on understanding ideas of social cohesion between communities. Zainab currently works for the social enterprise Chrysalis - an independent affiliate of CARE International, based in Sri Lanka - where she co-leads on CARE's global work on addressing Gender-Based Violence. Zainab holds a Masters Degree in Development Studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India.


Combating Gender Based Violence

06 Jun 2018

Read session notes here. Session Description It is estimated that 71% of the 40.3 million people in modern slavery are women and girls. Women in poverty face multiple layers of difficulty in avoiding or escaping gender-based violence. They have lesser…Read More

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