Yuan Fang

About Yuan Fang
  • Project Manager of Petro China’s Sustainability Report, CNPC Economics and Technology Research Institute

Yuan Fang has been working for CNPC Economics and Technology Research Institute since 2011. Her research focuses on enterprises’ image and reputation, overseas community relationship, NGOs in oil and gas field, social responsibility, and new media. She is currently project manager of Petro China’s Sustainability Report. She has also been engaged in China’s national think-tank project, CNPC’s new media research, and CNPC’s official WeChat account “LIAN YI HUI”. She has edited CNPC in Latin America, Myanmar-China Oil & Gas Pipeline Project (Myanmar Section) Special Report on Social Responsibility, and Petro China’s 2017 Sustainability Report.


Belt and Road Initiative and Opportunities for Greater Social Impact

04 Jun 2018

Read session notes here.  Session Description The One Belt One Road initiative will bring trillions of dollars in infrastructure investments around the old Silk road route. The economic and trade related benefits are enormous but the social and environmental impact…Read More

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