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About Kristen Yee
  • Senior Program Manager, Criterion Institute

Kristen Yee is a Senior Program Manager at the Criterion Institute.

Kristen spends much of her time designing strategies to translate between gender and finance to help others find their feet in gender lens investing. Kristen manages Criterion’s advisory support to Investing in Women, an initiative of the Australian Government. Prior to joining Criterion, Kristen managed Grand Challenges Canada’s maternal and newborn health portfolio and led the development of the organization’s gender equality strategy. Kristen has advised several foundations on their gender lens investment strategies, including the Tara Health Foundation and the D. Keith MacDonald Foundation. Kristen’s feminism is intersectional with her heart in public health. Kristen received her Master of Public Health in Community Health and Development from the Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University.


Designing a Gender Lens Investing Action Plan: A Tool for Investment

07 Jun 2018

Session Description Keen to invest with a gender lens but not sure where to start? Embarked on a gender lens investing strategy but looking to fine-tune and focus. This workshop is designed to help. Built on the Criterion Institute’s methodology for using finance as a tool…Read More

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