Mohammed Shahnawaz

About Mohammed Shahnawaz
  • COO, Khushi Baby

Mohammad Shahnawaz is the COO of Khushi Baby, and Co-PI of Khushi Baby’s second randomized controlled trial. A former doctoral candidate at the Indian Institute of Health Management Research Jaipur with over seven years of experience in the public health sector, Shahnawaz came in contact with Khushi Baby in July 2014 during its first scoping visit in India; the pressing issue of low child immunization and Khushi Baby's powerful technological solution caught his attention. Shahnawaz later went on to become the lead PI for Khushi Baby’s first Randomised Control Trial, supported by the Johns Hopkins University Future Health System's Young Researcher Grant. Shahnawaz now oversees field operations, research, logistics, and local partnerships, leading the team here in India full-time.


Deal Share Live: Fostering Healthcare & Livelihood Solutions

05 Jun 2018

Read session notes here.  Session Description In partnership with Johnson & Johnson, 10 high impact Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) will present their work around bringing economically empowering solutions to the regional community, and its ecosystem through enabling affordable and inclusive…Read More

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