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Deal Share Live: Fostering Healthcare & Livelihood Solutions

05 Jun 2018

Read session notes here.  Session Description In partnership with Johnson & Johnson, 10 high impact Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) will present their work around bringing economically empowering solutions to the regional community, and its ecosystem through enabling affordable and inclusive…Read More

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More attendees
  • Ellora-Julie Parekh

    Ellora-Julie Parekh

    Lead, Practice on External Engagement and Social Purpose McKinsey

  • Swati Pujari

    Swati Pujari

    Communications Manager One to Watch

  • Alice Chiu

    Alice Chiu

    Employee Engagement APAC, Global Community Impact Johnson & Johnson

  • Shiyun Quek

    Shiyun Quek

    Deputy Director National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

  • Chang Liu

    Chang Liu

    Managing Director (Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China) ACCESS Health International

  • Peter Kennedy

    Peter Kennedy

    Managing Director CLSA Capital Partners - Clean Resources Fund

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