Pankaj Jethwani

About Pankaj Jethwani
  • Co-Founder, The Breakfast Revolution (TBR)

Pankaj Jethwani is the co-founder of The Breakfast Revolution, a social enterprise that fights malnutrition in India.

Dr. Jethwani started his career as a Primary Care Physician in Mumbai’s JJ Group of Hospitals. Through this experience, he witnessed first-hand the gaps in health care delivery in Government clinics and hospitals in India, which account for almost half of all care delivered in the country.

Motivated to bring about reform in this system, he joined The Boston Consulting Group’s Social Impact and Development Practice in New Delhi. He helped build BCG’s work with Government agencies to improve delivery of healthcare at scale. The Practice now works with State Governments in India to help transform their primary health delivery systems.

During his work with primary care systems, he realized the large void in affordable solutions to fight the epidemic of malnutrition in India. He co-founded The Breakfast Revolution (TBR) to manufacture and distribute low-cost, tasty, and fortified foods to organizations that work with malnourished children, women, and patients with Tb, HIV and cancer. TBR has since inception treated 60,000 patients and served more than 6.5 million meals.

Dr. Jethwani focuses his efforts on scaling the social enterprise to meet its 2022 goal of impacting 1 million lives and creating meaningful evidence to influence public policy.

Pankaj earned an MBBS (MD equivalent degree) from The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania


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05 Jun 2018

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