Nayanabhiram Kalnad

About Nayanabhiram Kalnad
  • CEO, ALMATA, Division of Avegen Ltd

“Advances in information technology have changed and continue to change the way we live at a staggering pace. At Almata we are raring to bring meaningful change in the way healthcare access is delivered and experienced by patients across all strata of society. The challenges are complex and the road is bumpy, but the rewards will be felt for years to come. At Avegen we believe that customer service is not a department it is everyone’s job, because we know that we are impacting lives.” - Nayan

Dr Nayan Kalnad is the co-founder of Avegen (Almata is a division of Avegen). His approach is people-focussed, based in the philosophy that happy doctors make wonderful clinicians and a positive experience aids healing and recovery for patients. He believes that the challenges in healthcare are multi-faceted and hence need a multi-disciplinary solution. The team at Almata/Avegen comprising doctors, business leaders, engineers, designers, scientists and behavioral experts build solutions which aim to gain maximum user engagement and positive impact.

Before Avegen, Nayan worked for several years in clinical research at Pfizer and Janssen pharmaceuticals leading clinical trials. He worked as Director in Janssen Healthcare Innovation leading the multi-award winning healthcare solution programme in cardiology across Europe and USA. More recently Nayan helped initiate technology enabled programs supporting newly diagnosed patients living with HIV and mothers who are HIV positive in Mumbai/Pune.

His medical and business training have helped shape his doctor-entrepreneur identity. He has a unique perspective on the challenges faced by clinicians and patients along with the crunching of numbers, which keeps him focussed on building sustainable businesses.

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