Mercedes Lopez-Vargas

About Mercedes Lopez-Vargas
  • President & Executive Director, Lopez Group Foundation, Inc.

Mercedes Lopez Vargas is the President and Executive Director of the Lopez Group Foundation, Inc. (LGFI), a hub that coordinates, facilitates, and communicates the corporate social responsibility initiatives of all the major companies and foundations of the Lopez Group. Founded upon the pillars of public service, it is a reflection of the commitment made by present generation Lopezes to continue a legacy of philanthropy and social responsibility for the Filipino people.

Ms. Vargas is also the Director of the Lopez Museum and Library; Former Vice President of Logistics for ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation; Chairperson of the Lopez Human Resources Council; and a Trustee for ABS-CBN Foundation and the Asian Eye Institute; all part of the Lopez Group of Companies.

The Lopez Group of Companies is one of the oldest multi-diversified conglomerates in the Philippines that currently serves as a major player in media and telecommunications, power generation, real estate, and infrastructure, amongst other industries.

Beyond the Lopez Group, Ms. Vargas is a trustee of the Philippine Advocacy for Arts Foundation, Inc., organizers of the nation-wide Philippine Art Awards; trustee of Asia Society Philippines, a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational institution which aims to strengthen relationships, deepen understanding and bridge differences across the Philippines, Asia and the United States; and President of Stilo Artefino Foundation, Inc., a movement that advocates the preservation, promotion, and sustainability of Philippine artisanal crafts and livelihood.


The Power of the Arts to Strengthen Communities, Create Sustainable Livelihoods and Drive Social Change

04 Jun 2018

Read session notes here.  Session Description Globally and locally, we have witnessed a substantial growth in philanthropy and social investing, as well as a trend that increasingly aligns values with one’s giving and investing.  Yet today, there is a lack…Read More

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