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  • Managing Director PT Etmieco Sarana Laut, Outreach Ambassador, NEXUS Indonesia
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Michella is Managing a second-generation family business that has been in the fishing industry for 27 years. She is growing and implementing a zero-waste model, from fishing vessels, to cold storage plants, ice-plants, katsuobushi and their fishmeal manufacturing. She studied in Singapore and the UK before going back to Indonesia in 2009 to manage her family’s fishing business.

Presently, she is trying to convert her family business to adapt the sustainable practices, whle bridging her family business with her love for the Ocean. Her mission is to use her community and family business as a platform for change. Her personal goal is to contribute to the Ocean, marine biodiversity, sustain her family business, utilize 100% of Tuna, grow the marine ecosystem and have ocean solutions available in North Sulawesi. Using her family influence and personal network, she is mapping out the stakeholders and work on sustainable fisheries, sustainable tourism, waste solutions, restructuring mindset through awareness, waste as the future of materials, coral reef restoration & conservation programmes.

As NEXUS Indonesia leader and co-chair of NEXUS Asia Energy Innovation and Environment working group, her goals is to unite those likeminded young leaders in Indonesia who has intentions & resources to bring positive change and social impact in Indonesia. Especially around the topic of Sustainability, Ocean health, Ocean livestock,local community livelihood, circular economy and implementing values to unleashed human potentials. Hope to turn all good intentions to positive actions.

Her hope is to shift as much as 7.6 billions passengenger of Spaceship Earth to be caring humanity.


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05 Jun 2018

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