Mahomeda Arifin

About Mahomeda Arifin

I believe that whatever we do in live, with a passion to make a difference, we can create a positive change. For me, there’s nothing greater than working together with passionate people, hand in hand, to to create a change. And I feel lucky to work at Annika Linden Centre, based in Bali, Indonesia, that gives me an opportunity to do so through its incubator for impact program for outstanding local nonprofit leaders, where I can share my years of experiences and knowledge of working with professional businesses. The Annika Linden Centre’s incubator for impact, are giving tailor-made, impact-focused mentor-ship and hands-on training to professionalize nonprofits and projects to achieve their goals and further impacts. I believe the same as in business, nonprofits need non-financial support – capacity building, training and networks – for success. Using our on-the ground knowledge of working with social nonprofits, we provide consultancy for business and philanthropy to create social change and further their impact.

I am striving to bring 100% to everything that I do, at work and outside work, including when I am with my golden retriever and 3 of my rescued Bali dogs, such as doing trekking or hiking or just some other silly things. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes then share them with my friends – I love how food can bring people together!

If you believe in sharing knowledge, expertise and network to help social sectors create a positive change, please get in touch or connect.

My capability includes Accounting, Budgeting and Finance, Operations in business and nonprofits. Experience with grantees due diligence, grant/donor consultancy, financial reporting, budgeting and project planning and management. I am interested in disability sector, education and women empowerment projects.

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