Meda Arifin

About Meda Arifin

I believe that whatever we do in live, with a passion to make a difference, we can create a positive change. For me, there’s nothing greater than working together with passionate people, hand in hand, to to create a change. And I feel lucky to work at Annika Linden Centre that give me an opportunity to do so through its incubator for impact program for outstanding local nonprofit leaders, where I can share my years of experiences and knowledge of working with professional businesses. The Annika Linden Centre’s incubator for impact, are giving tailor-made, impact-focused mentor-ship and hands-on training to professionalize nonprofits and projects to achieve their goals and further impacts. I believe the same as in business, nonprofits need non-financial support – capacity building, training and networks – for success. Using our on-the ground knowledge of working with social nonprofits, we provide consultancy for business and philanthropy to create social change and further their impact.

I am striving to bring 100% to everything that I do, at work and outside work, including when I am with my golden retriever and 3 of my rescued Bali dogs, such as doing trekking or hiking or just some other silly things. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes then share them with my friends – I love how food can bring people together!

If you believe in sharing knowledge, expertise and network to help social sectors create a positive change, please get in touch or connect.

My capability includes Accounting, Budgeting and Finance, Operations in business and nonprofits. Experience with grantees due diligence, grant/donor consultancy, financial reporting, budgeting and project planning and management. I am interested in disability sector, education and women empowerment projects.

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