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  • Legal Assistant to the Chairman, DFDL (Mekong) Legal & Tax

WeLearn is preparing students in developing countries for the volatility of society’s transition to a future dominated by automation and artificial intelligence by fostering a self-learning mindset that creatively applies technology to solve social and environmental problems.

WeLearn is built on the idea that students will take ownership of their lifelong learning journey when provided with tailored cognitive tools in an experience-based environment driven by progressive pedagogies, and that the right to access this type of high quality future-forward education is universal.

Matthew strongly promotes the development of those crucial life skills for adulthood, and sees the absence of these subjects in conventional schools as a major failing of the outdated education system.  He envisions WeLearn to be a global community-driven space where those who have succeeded because of their education support students striving to achieve the same, in order to build a better tomorrow for us all.

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