Louise Lai

About Louise Lai
  • Founder/ Managing Partner, Design Venture Forward

Louise has 25 years of experience in relationship management, brand strategy, training and entrepreneurship across Asia.

Her career in the hotel and management industries blossomed during the early 90s in Singapore, when innovation and entrepreneurship incubated some of the most cutting-edge and long-standing brands. During this “Golden Age”, Louise hosted media and tech magnates as she mentored and groomed local talents, many of whom are now helming major F&B and hospitality brands in China.

Louise founded Design Venture Forward in 2015 after venturing into a dozen of businesses in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Based on her passion and belief that kindness can, and should be cultivated through enterprise. An investment management innovator that focuses on strategic design, business consulting and funding channels, DVF’s innovative model combining design strategy and investment capital has been incubating seed-stage investments to help them accelerate to their next stage successfully.

While DVF’s ultimate vision is to garner like-minded enterprises and teams to create new value in innovation development and social impact across all industries. It is her goal to champion emerging lifestyle experiences grounded on values that will continue to cultivate social impact.

The Village Reset™ program was design to forward this course, it aims to form an alliance network of communities –rural and urban alike- to embrace an all-inclusive sustainable lifestyle that is good for people and planet. By designing and building a sustainable ecological-economic micro system for small-size farming and artisanal communities, we drive the incubation and development of unique, high-quality, high value-add and all-natural/organic farm produce and artisanal crafts. Further, through local agri-cultural and eco-tourism, we will expand products and services to add strengths to the creative and cultural industry cluster within the villages, and provide additional ways to improve local employment opportunities. In so doing, Village Reset™ revitalizes local economy while preserving local/ethnic minorities’ heritage and culture with modernity, and bridges the market needs between rural-urban communities for wellness and sustainability. The impact generated during the process will be monitored, assessed and evaluated in real-time by including members of local communities as field agents empowered by latest AI and data science technologies. Tactical programs can then be adjusted through monitoring and assessment tools to maximize and scale our impact actions.


Belt and Road Initiative and Opportunities for Greater Social Impact

04 Jun 2018

Read session notes here.  Session Description The One Belt One Road initiative will bring trillions of dollars in infrastructure investments around the old Silk road route. The economic and trade related benefits are enormous but the social and environmental impact…Read More

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