Lee Kiang Koh

About Lee Kiang Koh
More attendees
  • Joy Teo

    Joy Teo

    Deal Share Senior Associate AVPN

  • Sarah Pearson

    Sarah Pearson

    Chief Innovation Officer, InnovationXchange Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

  • Nikki Kinloch

    Nikki Kinloch

    CEO SimplyGiving.com

  • Assaad Razzouk

    Assaad Razzouk

    Chairman and CEO Sindicatum Renewable Energy Company Pte. Ltd.

  • Sharon Buteau

    Sharon Buteau

    Executive Director IFMR LEAD

  • Abrar Mir

    Abrar Mir

    Managing Partner Quadria Capital Investment Management Pte Ltd

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