Joy Anderson

About Joy Anderson
  • President and Co-Founder, Criterion Institute

Joy is an internationally-known leader in the field of gender lens investing and sits at the forefront of the intersection between business and social change.

In 2002, she founded Criterion Institute, the leading think tank focusing on using finance as a tool for social change. In 2011 she was named one of the 100 most creative leaders in business by Fast Company. Joy has served in multiple leadership roles shaping the development of impact investing, including co-founding Good Capital in 2008 and serving as founding board chair of Village Capital. In 2015 she wrote both USAID’s “Gender Lens Investing in Asia” report and published, “The State of the Field of Gender Lens Investing.” She holds a Ph. D in American History from New York University.


Designing a Gender Lens Investing Action Plan: A Tool for Investment

07 Jun 2018

Session Description Keen to invest with a gender lens but not sure where to start? Embarked on a gender lens investing strategy but looking to fine-tune and focus. This workshop is designed to help. Built on the Criterion Institute’s methodology for using finance as a tool…Read More


Innovative Financing in Gender

04 Jun 2018

Read session notes here. Session Description Organizations seeking the most effective way to maximize social impact in gender have led to the development of different forms of innovative financing. The breakout session will highlight the innovations that are being seen…Read More

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