Jennifer Brady

About Jennifer Brady
  • Program Director, Geneva Global

As program director at Geneva Global, Jennifer advances outcome-oriented philanthropy, particularly in emerging donor markets. She has worked closely with dozens of organizations across global health and development sectors, generating innovative solutions for how philanthropic giving can address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

In China, she leads the creation of collaborative models for systems change in under-resourced issues like early childhood development and support for people with disabilities. Jennifer has also overseen partnership and research initiatives focused on China’s growing philanthropic sector, as well as advised organizations on creating effective giving programs and identifying resource mobilization opportunities in Asia.

Jennifer is a trusted advisor to donors, foundation teams, and social sector leaders, with over a decade of experience in strategy development and execution, partnership building, grants portfolio management, and issue messaging and communications. Her experience from previous roles in production and management in arts organizations led Jennifer to appreciate the powerful role that language, image, and story play in communicating for social change.

She holds an MBA in economic development and a BA in art history.

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