Jaehyun Kim

About Jaehyun Kim

Jaehyun Kim is a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor and a creative strategist with a sophisticated understanding of information technology, brand communications, contents development and business entrepreneurship. He started his own business at the age of twenty building a local Chinese restaurant website and now focuses in advising and investing quite a few firms based on his experience of winning in the dynamically changing environment.

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  • Tammy Hu

    Tammy Hu

    Co-Founder, B Lab Taiwan B Corp Asia

  • Cindy Wang

    Cindy Wang

    Greater China Director AVPN

  • Alice Chiu

    Alice Chiu

    Employee Engagement APAC, Global Community Impact Johnson & Johnson

  • Melissa Chong

    Melissa Chong

    Programme Manager ASEAN CSR Network

  • Siddhi Lad

    Siddhi Lad

    COO DHFL Changing Lives Foundation

  • Diane Holdorf

    Diane Holdorf

    VP, Chief Sustainability Officer, Global Sustainability Kellogg Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

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