Doug (Duckjun) Lee

About Doug (Duckjun) Lee

Upon graduation from Seoul National University in 1987, Duckjun started his career in a NPO sector mainly around supporting the rights for underprivileged people. He served as a community activist for the residents in a shantytown in Seoul and lived with them. He also worked as a policy administrator for Citizens’ coalition for Economic justice, one of the best known NGOs in Korea.

Following his three years at a NPO, he turned into a credit analyst in the early 1990’s and his career in the financial industry began. After earning his master’s degree in the Accounting/Finance from London School of Economics and Political Science, he worked for global investment banks such as Shroeder, Citi group and Credit Swiss. In 2005, he joined Gmarket as a CFO. Thereafter, he experienced a lifecycle of a venture firm through a series of events including Gmarket’s strategic stake sale to Yahoo, IPO at NASDAQ and M&A with eBay.

In 2010, he resigned from CFO at Gmarket post merger with eBay and started angel investments in Silicon Valley. Gradually he sought more than mere financial returns from his investment activities and then he joined activities of the global impact investors such as Toniic in San Francisco Bay areas. In 2011, he founded D3Jubilee to pioneer the impact investment in Korea and in the following year, opened an office in San Francisco to expand presence in the global impact investment field.


Impact Investing in North East Asia

05 Jun 2018

Read session notes here. Session Description Interest in Impact Investment is increasing rapidly in North East Asia. There is a National Advisory Board (NAB) for Impact Investment set up in Japan, another in Korea and others are likely to come…Read More

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