Damien Zeller

About Damien Zeller

Damien’s experience spans software design and development since the emergence of cloud based commercial software systems. He works closely with clients in the Social Impact Sector – Government, NGO’s, Foundation’s and Non Profits to enable the delivery of effective outcomes through the implementation of Enquire – Grant, Contract & Program management.

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  • Jennifer Chen

    Jennifer Chen

    Director for Philanthropic Engagement Retail Solutions Inc.

  • Leon Dang

    Leon Dang

    Seed Planter - Impact Enterprise Team Center for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP)

  • Patsian Low

    Patsian Low

    Chief of Staff and Policy Director AVPN

  • Shuichi Ohno

    Shuichi Ohno

    President Sasakawa Peace Foundation

  • Henry Kilonzo

    Senior Manager Safaricom PLC

  • Niven Huang

    Niven Huang

    Managing Director KPMG Sustainability Consulting

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