Brian Blankinship

About Brian Blankinship
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  • Pier Luigi Sigismondi

    Pier Luigi Sigismondi

    President, Southeast Asia and Australasia, Unilever Asia Private Limited

  • Cheryl Chen

    Cheryl Chen

    Head of Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Affairs Citi Asia Pacific (Singapore)

  • Virisila Buadromo

    Virisila Buadromo

    Lead, Strategic Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human RightsAsia and Pacific

  • Saurabh Lall

    Saurabh Lall

    Assistant Professor University of Oregon - Planning, Public Policy and Management

  • Debasree Chatterjee

    Debasree Chatterjee

    Manager, Research and Administration - India AVPN

  • Sian Parry

    Sian Parry

    Head of Foundations Fidelity International Foundation

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