Brenda Lim

About Brenda Lim
  • Deputy Director, Employment and Employability, SG Enable

Ms Brenda Lim is Deputy Director, Employment and Employability at SG Enable, an agency set up by the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

She has more than 10 years of experience in planning and implementing government policies. She focuses on macro-perspectives and strategy, as well as micro-level operations. Her work in policy planning and implementation means extensive experience in writing and presenting proposals to garner stakeholder buy-ins, and thinking out of the box for new ways to foster partnerships and achieve impactful results.


Skills Development for Sustainable Livelihoods in Asia

06 Jun 2018

Read session notes here. Session Description The Asia-Pacific region has made great strides in improving access to education, where primary school enrollment rates have shown differing yet generally rising trend. However ILO research shows that there persists a skills mismatch…Read More

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