Anna Perinic

About Anna Perinic
  • Managing Director, Grameen Danone Foods Ltd (Danone Communities)

Anna Perinic is Managing Director of Grameen Danone Foods Ltd since June 2016, providing fortified yogurt twice a week to 300 000 kids, and impacting lives of 500 farmers, 250 Shokti Ladies and 300 danoners.
Anna has 14 years experience in strategy consultancy in France, working for FMCG companies (Danone, Orange, Heineken) to develop new access to markets and innovative business models. After working on the launch of danone.communities fund in 2007, she changes path of her career to get involved in Social Business.
She Spent 6 months in 2009 at Laiteries du Berger, in Senegal, a social business funded by danone.communties where she contributed to the launch of the brand Dolima. She joined for 2 years as Marketing and Sales Director a Senegaleses FMCG company where she worked to establish a more focused and profitable offer, by leveraging local sourcing and developing nutritional portfolio.
In 2012, Anna was then recruited to launch a social business in Ghana connecting a 5000 rural women network to shea butter and nuts market. The network reached 25 000 women within 4 year

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