Andi Prasetyo

About Andi Prasetyo

Previously worked in various industry handling regulatory matters, Corporate Social Responsibility and Government affairs until two years ago he joined Japfa Group, a Multi-National Integrated Agriculture-Animal Protein Providing company headquartered in Singapore, with a goal to coordinate all corporate social contribution into sustainable social investment initiatives.

Started Japfa Foundation in 2015 after learning tremendously from attending AVPN conferences. Japfa Foundation is a corporate foundation of Japfa Ltd and the vision is to maximize the potential of youth through education, nutrition and sports.

Still learning, Andi manages the Foundation operating mostly in Indonesia for now, and base its programs in Social Investment principles which means capitalizing corporate social contributions for measureable community development, to align with Japfa Group’s motto of Growing Towards Mutual Prosperity.


Scaling Up Social Purpose Organisations

04 Jun 2018

Read session notes here.  Session Description Support for Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs), which includes social enterprises and non-profit organisations, have grown in Asia through the provision of not just financial capital but human and intellectual capitals. We have seen an…Read More

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