About Creative Stories

Creative Stories is a strategic communications consultancy based in Singapore, serving the APAC region in b2b communications, brand & business strategy, showcasing international clients in the most influential business media outlets across the Asia – Pacific; from Myanmar to Australia. We have a penchant for creating intelligent brand stories that underpin the business case of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We support responsible corporations by crafting a fresh narrative that builds on the business imperative of industry efforts towards the 2020 Agenda. Our thinking is hyper-creative. Our brains, hyper-strategic, and our pitch, hyper-obsessive. Our guiding north star , at all times , is your brand.

We believe that it is your brand, that is our real client, even more than your CEO. We are consultants, not a PR agency. We operate as an extended part of an in-house communications team, in all the ways that matter. https://creativestories808.com/

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