• Singapore, 4-7 June 2018

    AVPN Conference 2018

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  • 2018 Conference Attendees 1043
  • Countries 47
  • Speakers 210
  • Unique Connections Made 2793
  • Funders & Resource Providers 88%
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Maximising Impact

Now in its sixth year, the AVPN Conference will bring together a diverse group of funders and resource providers from around the globe to take part in the largest gathering of social investors in Asia.

With the theme "Maximising Impact", the 2018 Conference reflects the importance of strategic, collaborative, and outcome-focused approaches to social investing - from philanthropy to impact investing, the conference will cover a range of impact areas and investment approaches. View the Agenda for key topics of interest.

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    5 min read I remember the day we decided to start Good Financial, our social purpose organisation (SPO). It was a beautiful day in Hong Kong. The sun was shining, the streets were buzzing, and as I walked excitedly down the street I knew we were onto something special. I also knew we would have significant capital requirements.…Read More

  • The 4 Biggest Challenges Faced by Chinese Social Entrepreneurs in their Journey to Scale up and How to Address them Effectively

    4 min read We have witnessed the development of over 200 social entrepreneurs in the past decade, most of whom were born after 1985 and grew up literally “on the Internet”. They seem to have an instinct capability to integrate various resources and respond to social challenges more directly. However, due to limited life experience in a rather fixed social structure, they also face a number of challenges in identifying the needs of different social groups.…Read More



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